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TokMC was a project server we created to try new things and bring a new Minecraft experience from TikTok. We have blown up so much we are moving into a legit Minecraft server experience. We have moved our official trademark company over to TokMC which has been officially changed to RoyaleRealms. We will now be adding new realms(servers) like Towny and Factions next month. We will be expediting all other server releases as well and doubling down on server marketing. We appreciate all of you who have helped us so much during this time and look forward to the future.


- This change will NOT affect ranks.

- Premium will be renamed to Royale+

- We will slowly be changing all logos to RoyaleRealms branding.

Thank you donors, staff, and supporters for getting us to this point. Stay tuned for more awesome news.

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Welcome to RoyaleRealms

We at RoyaleRealms are a competitive Minecraft Network who thrives on players enjoying their experience. We are constantly creating new content to please our players. RoyaleRealms has a staff team which consists of the best developers in the community, professional management team and of course, our helpers, mods and administrators. In addition to this, RoyaleRealms has a large Discord server which gives players and staff a chance to easily communicate with each other and improve their experience even further.

Support Us

RoyaleRealms consists of many features which are purchasable on our store. At RoyaleRealms, we offer low prices to accommodate those who do not want to spend loads of money on a server or for those who can’t spend hundreds of dollars on a game. Moreover we have a package which is purchasable across the whole network. 

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